Wet Basement Problems

Company to Solve Wet Basement Problems in Alliston

It doesn't matter if your residence is old or new, big or compact; a flooded basement is one of the toughest problems to face. A flooded basement can annihilate anything you have kept such as embellishments or photo albums. If you own an unfinished basement, the harm can be even more severe.

Mold and mildew develop with time if your basement is constantly wet. Flooding can even tarnish and damage floors, walls, and ceilings. In other words, a flooded basement is a suffering. We are here to help you detect the source of flooded basement, helping you end the problem, and avert it from occurring again in the future. We are the greatest basement waterproofing company and we serve the entire Alliston area.

Solution – French Drain

If you own a wet basement or a damp storage area, then a French Drain is your remedy. Water at all times flows downward, and by the plain path probable. That is the fundamental concept responsible for French drain, a slightly sloped channel loaded with spherical gravel and a pipe that changes the course of water away from your house.

When you require a French drain
  • When you have a trouble with surface water, for instance damp lawn or an avenue that sinks
  • If water is entering into your basement
  • If you are constructing a preserving wall on a slope

Damp weather drenches the soil outside the foundation. Water presses against your basement walls just like the sea leans against the exterior of a boat. This high hydrostatic pressure signifies that even a small leak can accept sufficient water to flood your basement.

French drains can reduce hydrostatic pressure by providing groundwater with an escape path. Setting up a French drain is the vital part to a gainful basement waterproofing system. Contact DryShield to schedule a free waterproofing session. Our duty is to make your wet basements arid. We can resolve any wet basement troubles in your home.